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Thursday Evening Meetings   (Visitors Welcome)

28 Mar 19
Gary Auker
Juno at Jupiter
Topic will be the Juno mission to Jupiter
04 Apr 19
Jonathan & Richard
Spring Skies
11 Apr 19
Public Stargazing
Open Observing
18 Apr 19
LAS Members & Guests
Astronomical Images Exhibition
Members images
25 Apr 19
Wayne Asher
2018: The Year in Spaceflight
02 May 19
LAS Members and Guests
Bring and Buy
Second hand equipment sale or buy.
09 May 19
Tony Sizer
The Stars, Like Dust
ex member and well known top quality speaker
16 May 19
Sarah Bosman
Cosmology After The First 5 Minutes
23 May 19
* Indicates an outside speaker.
Thursday meetings are held in the scout hall off Loughton Lane, Theydon Bois, 20:00-22:00.

Other Astronomy Events Coming Up

Astrokyds meetings 18:30 - 20:00 At St Mary's Church Hall, Coppice Row, Theydon Bois
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