Displaying Your Image Here

If you would like to show your image to readers of our website then feel free to email a copy to me. The email address is shown at the bottom of the homepage and some of the other pages. Please include the following information:

Name of the Object.

Your Name.

Name of the person or persons responsible for the image.

Where and When the image was taken.

Brief technical details (e.g. equipment used, processing used)


If you regularly produce images and would like the facility to show them on our website then please ask me for access to our simple image upload system. This will allow you to upload an image and details in a few seconds. As soon as it is uploaded it will be available for our readers to see.

Note: This facility is strictly for the display of astronomical and astronomical related images. A simple test is "would this image be of interest to a non-society member interested in astronomy, space flight or astronomical events?" If the answer is "no" or "maybe not" then it doesn't belong here.

Allan Bell, LAS Webmaster.

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