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Welcome to the Loughton List Page
An observing guide for beginners, members and anyone else out there...
The Loughton List is both a list and a document crammed with observing information. The objects chosen for this list are all visible in real UK skies. You don't need to go to some far off mountain top to see these objects.
There are three categories. The "Bronze" objects are easy to find and easy to see. You do not need expensive equipment. The "Silver" objects provide just a little more challenge but should be within most peoples grasp. The "Gold" objects need a bit more patience and a reasonable telescope.
Theydon Bois (London)
But I am a long way from Theydon Bois (London).
Download Version 2.0 of the Loughton List here
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Or just go for tonight's LAS Meridian Challenge.
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