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Welcome to The New LAS Mobile Observing page.

This page contains several "Jump-off" points for observing related tools. At the bottom of the page you will see information about the current lunar cycle and a list of upcoming astronomical events.

Planets - Fans of the "Patrick's Planets" briefing will be pleased to see that we have secured Patrick's labours for several more seasons. Click or tap on the "Planets" button for Patrick's latest briefing on the naked eye visible planets.

Star Charts - For a chart of the sky (day or night) click on the "Star Chart" tab. This will take you to a form leading to the chart. The form allows you to change the date, time and location for the chart. The change location button will pop up a map of recognised locations. Just tap or click on the closest and then again on the "Back" button to return to the form.

Loughton List - The Loughton List is a list of our favourite objects in the night sky. All these objects are visible (with the aid of a telescope or binoculars) in real "British" skies. You do not need to be in a super-dark site. Just a good site not too close to bright lights.

Astro-Events Coming Up
Note: New Astro-Events may be added at any time. Keep watching.
Monday 25 October
Moon's Age 1348 days
Next new moon Thu 01 Jan 1970