Help for LAS Simple Star Charts
Date:   To select a date use the calendar top left of the control panel.
  Clicking on the and keys will move the calendar backwards or forwards one month. Clicking the » key will move the calendar forwards 3 months. Clicking the ›‹ key, when it appears, will take the calendar back to this month. To select a day just click on the number. It will then change colour to confirm the selection.
Time:   Select the hour and the minutes from the two drop down lists top right of the control panel.
  Time is specified in UTC. During the summer this is one hour behind British Sumer Time.
  For other countries you will need to convert local time to UTC. Local time will appear on the chart together with time in UTC.
  Minutes are only selectable in 5 minute steps. A drop down 60 lines long is difficult to use and sky charts change very little in 5 minutes.
Location:   To select your location use the map at the bottom of the control panel. Click on the town or city closest to your location. The chosen location will change colour on the map and the name will appear in the box above the map. On most browsers, hovering the mouse over a location will show details about the location.
Updating:   Last, but very important, click the button marked "Update chart". The new chart will appear in the right hand panel. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to download. Even broadband has a few traffic hot spots.
Printing:   The small print button bottom right of the chart pane will print just the chart pane.
Size:   Both the control panel and star charts in this simple star chart facility vary in size to match the size of your screen. For more control over the size and content of the star chart go to the "Observing" page. and click on the "Full e-Sphere Control" button.
Removing help:   Don't wory. When you click update this help will be replaced with your new star chart.