Help for LAS Simple Orrery Builder
Date:   To select a date use the calendar top left of the control panel.
  The and keys will move the calendar backwards or forwards one month. The » key will move the calendar forwards 3 months. The ›‹ key, when it appears, will take the calendar back to this month. To select a day just click on the number. It will then change colour to confirm the selection.
Time:   Select the hour and minutes from the two drop down lists below the calendar.
  Time is specified in UTC. During the summer this is one hour behind British Sumer Time. For other countries you will need to convert local time to UTC.
  Minutes are selectable in 5 minute steps. A 60 line drop down is very long and the change in planet positions over 5 minutes is not visible on this scale.
Type & Material:   If you are building an orrery using a classical case design, select the material for the case here. Variations on the style can be selected below. Virtual designs do not need cases, they exist only in ones, zeros and the imagination.
Variations on Case Designs:   The flat plate style uses a large circular plate for each planet. This was a common design for rich people who wished to display their "Enlightenment Credentials" in their homes. The skeletal style has planets connected to concentric shafts by means of large metal arms. This design was common in orrerys designed for teaching.
Updating:   Last, click the button marked "Update Orrery". The new orrery will appear in the right hand panel. Sometimes it takes a few seconds. Even broadband has a few traffic hot spots.
Printing:   The small print button bottom right of the orrery pane will print just the orrery pane.
Size:   Both the control panel and orreries in this simple orrery facility vary in size to match the size of your screen.
Removing help:   Don't wory. When you click update this help will be replaced with your new orrery.