Just a bit of space
Just a bit of space

Sky Camp Etiquette

Attendees are requested to follow standard star party etiquette, for the enjoyment of all.
No car movements are permitted after dark, so please arrange to arrive before this time. Turn car interior lights off if you can, or remove the fuse before sunset. Alternatively, cover them with opaque tape, including those in the boot. If a bright light is unavoidable call out: “LIGHTS IN 3 SECONDS” to give everyone time to turn the other way.
Only red torches to be used at night and the light kept facing down. Toilet block lights will be switched off at 21:00 during the main weekend. The use of bright laser pointers is discouraged as it can interfere with imaging and is potentially dangerous in a well-attended event. Also, cigarette lighters produce light as well as heat. Please screen your lighter flame from astronomers.
Computer screens can be very bright, especially at night. If you use a computer then please shield the screen from general view.
Also, please turn off any computer audio, some people may not observe as late as you. Remember, Windows plays that terrible jingle when you turn off your computer.
Loud talking/noise on the site disturbs everyone throughout the night. Loud talking or noise before 10:00 am on Sunday will disturb observers who do not retire until dawn.
Music: Please be considerate of others trying to sleep when it is cloudy by not playing music late at night.
Children are very welcome to the event, but please remember the field is dark, there are lots of very valuable bits of equipment and many people will have carefully aligned their telescopes. Also, tired astronomers are often glad of a lay in the following morning. Please keep your children under control.
The site is rich in wildlife and a very pleasant place to stay. We would like to keep it that way. Please keep your rubbish in a suitable container and dispose of it in the bins provided. Dark sites and loose trash do not mix well.