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Sky Camp Q&A

Who Organises the Autumn Sky Camp?
The Autumn Sky Camp is organised by the Loughton Astronomical Society and the Kelling Heath management. The LAS arranges dates and daytime entertainments over the weekend. Kelling Heath run the camp site, make bookings and provide all the normal camp site facilities.
Where do my camp site booking fees go?
You book your place on the camp site with Kelling Heath and pay your fees to Kelling Heath. They use the money to run their business providing camping facilities. Note: They do provide a special rate to astronomers attending Sky Camp, so be sure to tell Kelling Heath that you are booking for Sky Camp.
I read that there is a restriction on all male or female groups?
The normal restrictions on all male or female groups is relaxed for those attending Sky Camp
Who is responsible for running the observing fields?
The observing fields are all part of the Kelling Heath camp site. Kelling Heath retain control of these fields during Sky Camp and are responsible for the running of those fields.
Where should I book my pitch?
The red field is the farthest from the main site and tends to book up first. The pitches towards the northern end are considered the best. A few of the pitches at the southern end are below trees and not good for observing. The yellow field is also used for observing and is also covered by the no lights rules over the main weekend but is closer to some of the other facilities.
Who is responsible for safety?
It is the responsibility of everyone to act in a safe manner. Kelling Heath retain overall control of the whole site at all times.
Who is responsible for organising speakers?
The LAS arranges speakers and a programme of other entertainments over the Sky Camp weekend.
What happens to the money I pay to attend talks?
The fee for attending talks goes towards speakers expenses and other costs involved in organising and staging the talks.