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LAS Visitors Page
Members observing a transit of Venus
Thursday Evening Meetings

The LAS meets between 8:00 & 10:00 p.m. every Thursday evening (except Christmas and New Year) in the scout hall, Theydon Bois, Essex. For a full copy of our latest programme click the "Program" tab above. For a map to help you find our venue click the "Find us" tab above. The map and instructions will be displayed in a separate window so it is easy to print off.

All meetings of the LAS are open to the public. If you would like to try our Thursday evening meetings then please just turn up. If after a few visits you would like to join then our membership secretary will be delighted to help. Do remember that our programme covers a wide range of knowledge and experience, so if you find the talk goes over your head, or is just too simple, then please try again on another Thursday.

Other Events

We also organise other events, such as the Equinox Sky Camp, weekend observing trips, solstice meals, visits etc. A programme of events other than our regular Thursday evening meetings is included with the main program,

Equinox Sky Camp

A major event in the LAS calendar is the Equinox Sky Camp. This takes place every September or October at a dark site in Kelling Heath, North Norfolk. The two-week event includes an activity weekend with visiting lecturers, trade stands, a barbecue, tour of the telescopes as well as the usual observing. When the clouds intervene the observing is done in the bar! For more information click on the "Sky Camp" tab above.


Observing the night sky is probably the second most popular activity within the LAS (after socialising). Many of the members have their own telescopes. Some of their photographic results can be seen on our "Gallery" page, just click on the tab above.

The Society also owns a number of telescopes for use by members. The largest of these is the 16 inch Newtonian telescope that used to be in our old observatory but has now been turned into a portable dobsonian. We also own a number of smaller telescopes including two specialised Solar Scopes. Some of this equipment is available for loan to members.

If you want some observing tips, an appreciative audience for your astronomical photographs or just some company while observing then why not join us.
Mk1 Eyeball

Most people are born with a Mk1 eyeball, in fact they are normally born with a pair of Mk1 eyeballs. These are excellent observing tools, sensitive across the whole of the visible spectrum (now there's a coincidence!) and equipped with a complex, parallel processing, image analysis and recognition system (know as "The Brain"). They should be looked after carefully and treated with respect (sorry, we cannot arrange for replacements or hardware repairs).

After software upgrade, correct dark adaptation and some experience the Mk1 is transformed into the Mk1A. Greater sensitivity coupled with improved detection and recognition algorithms make the Mk1A eyeball an even better observing instrument than the greatly respected Mk1. Your upgrade to Mk1A can be arranged by the LAS. It is a pleasurable process, not requiring anaesthetics or invasive surgery. It is entirely safe, does not endanger the environment and does not require genetic modification. Clinics run on Thursday evenings at LAS headquarters and at various weekend retreats.

Mk1s and Mk1As benefit from observing in groups or clusters. The LAS can arrange for your Mk1 or Mk1A to join a cluster.